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Through its collaboration with Slickbar Products Corporation, and thanks to its highly trained staff, Yellow Tech can propose innovative solutions that prevent water pollution. The latest technologies and equipment are used.Measures taken for Coastal Protection include the following:

1. Booms to surround vessels during discharge
2. Tag Boat equipped with skimmer for external use
3. Dispersant treatment if necessary: Dispersant Spray System (self-contained, highly versatile); Custom dispersant spray consisting of two spray arms complete with nozzles; Dispersant pump, educator and sea water suction hose; Non- Flammable, 100% soluble dispersment by biodegradable is available
4. Offshore booms: Extra Booms (for larger spills), Floating Boom
5. Pumps: Fire pumps (foam), Vacuum pumps, Pressure Pumps
6. Oil Pump (Explosion proven) to pump back the oil spill (up to 40%)
7. A storage truck will be placed on site to guarantee the availability in a safety equipment
8. Accessories: Reels, Backpack Air Blowers, Power Packs (Diesel/Electric/Hydraulic), Tow Bridles and Lines.